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Justin & Stephanie Pollard

A Renaissance imagining of the Temple. Tempel van Diana te Efeze, Philips Galle, after Maarten van Heemskerck, 1581 - 1633. Rijksmuseum.

On 21 July 356 BC, the day Alexander the Great was said to have been born, the temple burned to the ground.

Agra, Taj Mahal. Photochrom, c.1890. Library of Congress.

The wife of the Mughal Emperor died in 1631.

Antoine Laurent Lavoisier, fermier général, né à Paris le 16 aout 1743. la Bibliothèque nationale de France [Paris]. https://purl.stanford.edu/gx762tt4511

Found guilty of fraud, the French chemist was executed on 8 May 1794.

Lobby card for the American film I'm No Angel. 1933.

Having produced, directed and starred in a lascivious play, West was charged with ‘corrupting the morals of youth’ on 19 April 1927.

Zimmermann Telegram as Received by the German Ambassador to Mexico (detail)

A secret communication between Germany and Mexico was exposed on 3 March 1917.

Dog team at Seventh All Alaska Sweepstakes, Nome, April 13, 1914. Library of Congress.

A dog sled relay came to the rescue of an epidemic-struck Alaskan community on 2 February 1925.

The "Bal des ardents" from Froissart's Chroniques, British Library Harley MS 4380, c.1800 Aquatint by J. Harris after J. Froissart. Wellcome Collection.

On 28 January 1393 a party at the French royal residence ended in tragedy.

American Progress, George A. Crofutt, c.1873. National Library of Congress

James K. Polk’s first State of the Union Address, on 2 December 1845, promoted the concept that the US should encompass all of North America.

The Berners Street Hoax, caricature by William Heath, 1810.

On 27 November 1809, a bet between two friends brought a large part of London to a standstill.

Metropolitan Opera House, New York City c1905. National Library of Congress

The Met opened its doors on 22 October 1883.