History Today's RSS feeds

RSS, which stands for "really simple syndication," is a fast and convenient way of keeping track of the latest and greatest news and views from your favorite websites. You can get the latest stories and features in one place, as soon as they're published, without having to visit the websites you have taken the feed from.

It's easy to use:  You set up an "RSS reader" (also known as an "aggregator") on your computer and then pick the sites you read regularly. Most sites have an RSS feed that displays headlines and a short blurb that explains what the article is about, or in many cases, the full text of the article or blog post in question.

If you already have an RSS reader installed (or if you use on online tool such as Bloglines), simply start the software and add one or more of the feed addresses below. Many modern browsers also allow you to add RSS feeds as a browser favourite or bookmark folder, automatically updating them with the latest content.

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