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'The Worm Turns': cartoon of Darwin and an earthworm, Popular Science Monthly, c.1881. Bridgeman Images.

Worms are among the simplest of creatures. But, as Darwin discovered, even they share things in common with humanity.

The entrance to Endell Street Military Hospital, 1917 © © TopFoto.

The First World War offered new opportunities for enterprising female doctors.

Penelope Unravelling the Shroud, by Joseph Wright of Derby, 1783-84, the J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles © akg-images.

Despite a legion of suitors, the wife of Odysseus remains loyal to his memory.

Niccolò Machiavelli (detail), by Antonio Maria Crespi Castoldi, 17th century © SZ Photo/Scherl/Bridgeman Images.

Discovering Machiavelli’s talent for losing.

Advertisement for London coffeehouse, c.1700 © Bridgeman Images.

Coffeehouses and coffee were not as closely related as one might think.

Theodore Roosevelt, c.1903 © New York Public Library/Bridgeman Images.

How presidential images show us that in politics, as in entertainment, appearances matter.

Beauty, Leningrad Zoo, c.1932.

The Siege of Leningrad imposed horrific conditions on its residents, severe food shortages among them. Remarkably, many of the animals in the city’s zoo survived.

Johann and Georg Forster in Tahiti (detail), by John Francis Rigaud, c.1780 © akg-images.

Botany became an unlikely battlefield in the Age of Revolutions.

Archbishop Theodore of Canterbury, from St. Nicholas Church, Blakeney, Norfolk, 1900 © Neil Holmes/Bridgeman Images.

Theodore left Rome for Canterbury on 27 May 668.

View inside an English Cotton Mill, 1936 © Hulton Getty Images.

The British government’s universal credit scheme seeks solutions to problems that have frustrated politicians for centuries.