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The Fall of Phaeton by Peter Paul Rubens, 1605, now in the National Gallery of Art, Washington DC.

A horrifying tale of reckless daring and ecological catastrophe.

Edmund Burke (1729-97) by James Northcote (1746-1831).

The winner of the 2018 Longman-History Today Book Prize provides an intriguing and accessible study on the evolution, dissemination and continued influence of Edmund Burke’s political ideas.

The slave-warriors of medieval Islam overthrew their masters, defeated the Mongols and the Crusaders and established a dynasty that lasted 300 years.

Detail from a Carrier Air Conditioning advert, United States, 1950s.

Air conditioning across the US brought an industrial boom – at a cost to the environment. 

John Bew.

‘What is the most common misconception about my field? That it is ‘great man’ history.’

Female foundation: Minster Abbey in Thanet, Kent. (Brian Gibbs/Alamy)

Medieval women wielded spiritual and political power in subtly effective ways.

Newspapers’ sensational coverage has changed very little in the 130 years since the Ripper first struck. 

Aerial view of the Park Hill Estate, Sheffield, built between 1957 and 1961.

From the practical idealism of early municipal reformers to the tragedy of Grenfell Tower. 

Holding the line: French soldiers blinded by gassing at the Marne, 1918.

The British public are obsessed with the First World War, but know little about how it was brought to an end.

Despite the modern obsession with a good night’s rest, more of us are sleeping less. Perhaps we should pay attention to the advice of early modern doctors.