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Months Past

Bolívar and Sáenz, wall painting by Gustavo Egüez, Caracas, 2009. Photo Bruno Pérousse 2009/akg-images.

154 years after her death, Manuela Sáenz was given a state burial on 5 July 2010.

Still from 'The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp', 1943. Directed, written and produced by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger. Cinematography: Georges Perinal. Produced by The Archers. Photo Alamy.

The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp premiered on 10 June 1943.

Map of Europe, Africa, the Mediterranean, and Asia. New York Public Library.

The Kalmar Union between Denmark, Norway and Sweden came to an end on 6 June 1523.

Archbishop Theodore of Canterbury, from St. Nicholas Church, Blakeney, Norfolk, 1900 © Neil Holmes/Bridgeman Images.

Theodore left Rome for Canterbury on 27 May 668.

Dorothy Garrod and her assistants, London, 1931 © Topfoto.

The pioneering archaeologist and Oxbridge’s first woman professor, Dorothy Garrod was elected to the Chair of Archaeology on 6 May 1939.

Portrait of Angelo Secchi, c.1878.

Father Secchi demonstrated his water quality disk to the pope on 20 April 1865.

Combat of the Thirty. Miniature from the Chronicles of the History of the Bretons (1480), de Pierre Le Baud. Wiki Commons.

A chivalric form of planned battle took place on 26 March 1351.

A May Day Garland for 1820. Wiki Commons.

The conspirators who planned to assassinate the Prime Minister and his Cabinet were arrested on 23 February 1820.

Conquest of the frozen Dutch war fleet in Den Helder, 1795, Pauquet, after Robineau, 1795 - 1796. Rijksmuseum.

On 23 January 1795, William of Orange's fleet, stuck in frozen waters of the Zuiderzee, was attacked by the French cavalry.

Christmas in the South: egg-nog party. William Sheppard, 1870. Library of Congress.

The Riot Act was read to young officers at West Point Military Academy on 25 December 1826, following a boisterous party which began the night before.