Months Past

The Berners Street Hoax, caricature by William Heath, 1810.

On 27 November 1809, a bet between two friends brought a large part of London to a standstill.

Metropolitan Opera House, New York City c1905. National Library of Congress

The Met opened its doors on 22 October 1883.

Parthenon, Athens. c. 1895 - c. 1915. Rijksmuseum.

The Athenian temple was partly destroyed on 26 September 1687.

People and soldiers at the palace of the Sultan of Zanzibar, c. 1880 - c. 1920. Rijksmuseum.

The shortest war in history began (and ended) on 27 August 1896.

Atomic Bomb Test during Operation Crossroads, Army-Navy Task Force One, 1946. Rijksmuseum.

The two-piece swimsuit was unveiled on 5 July 1946.

Works by artists including Dalí, Duchamp and Picasso went on display at the Burlington Gallery on 11 June 1936.

Crazy Horse and the allied leaders surrendered on 5 May 1877. 

Dick Turpin, on horseback, sees a phantom riding next to him. Lithograph by W. Clerk, ca. 1839. Wellcome Collection

The notorious highwayman was hanged on 7 April 1739.

Sketch of plesiosaurus, in a letter from Mary Anning. Wellcome Collection.

Paleontologist and fossil hunter Mary Anning was born on 21 May 1799.

The chef and restaurateur died on 12 February 1935.