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The legend of La Llorona has supposedly haunted Mexico since before the Conquest.

Amy Fuller

The enduring legacy of the Roman governor who faced the ultimate politician’s dilemma.

Kevin Butcher

Victorian Easter simnel cake, 1893.
The evolution of an English Easter delicacy associated with mothers and Tudor pretenders.

Alexander Lee

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Illustration by R. Fresson.

Having produced, directed and starred in a lascivious play, West was charged with ‘corrupting the morals of youth’ on 19 April 1927.

Untitled drawing by Nina Jirsikovà, 1941.

Periods are a fact of life, but little talked about. How did women in the concentration camps cope with the private being made public in the most dire and extreme circumstances?

Infantrymen of Japan’s Self-Defence Forces parading in Tokyo, 3 November 1966.

After a disastrous Second World War, Japan abolished its armed forces and embraced pacifism. With renewed tensions in East Asia, can it last?

The six titles on the shortlist for our annual book prize.

‘The Bath’, from Valerius Maximus’ Facta et dicta memorabilia, 15th century, French.

In the medieval period you could touch the divine – and smell it, see it, hear it and taste it, sometimes all at once.

The oldest complete copy of Euclid’s The Elements, Greek, by Stephanos the Clerk, AD 888.

The medieval world was incredibly learned, but how did its great bank of knowledge spread – from Classical Greece to the libraries of the East and from there to the bookshelves of England?

Travels Through Time Apollo 11

In this episode we travel back 50 years to 1969 and the Apollo 11 moon landing. Kassia St Clair discusses the intriguing story behind the space suits, quiet wonders of technology made using traditional techniques.

Skinheads, Piccadilly Circus, 1969.

Teenagers were agents of change in 1960s Britain, but the birth of youth movements such as the Mods was heavily indebted to the multicultural society from which they grew.


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  • Why Japan stopped fighting
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