A cautionary Classical tale of solipsism and self-obsession.

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‘Illiterate men can contemplate in the lines of a picture’:  Gregory the Great, attributed to Carlo Saraceni, c.1610.
The concerns of a Sardinian abbess, as seen through the letters of Gregory the Great.

Susanna Hoe

The paths to employment at Nazi concentration camps could be diverse.

Kate Docking

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John Wesley by Nathaniel Hone, c.1766.

Methodism gained great popularity in the 18th century, but its followers were thought enthusiastic to the point of insanity, posing a serious threat to the established church.

Harold swears an oath to William of Normandy, Bayeux Tapestry, c.1070.

French was the only language worth speaking in medieval Britain – and not just by the upper classes.

Said to have ‘the face that launched a thousand ships’, Helen of Troy has been remembered, judged – and hated – by every age since she entered the written record 2,700 years ago. With great beauty comes great resentment. 

Given the boot: monarchists and the Iranian army celebrate in Tehran, 27 August 1953.

Why the British government can’t reveal more about an ‘open secret’. 

Bhor Ghat Railway at Maharashtra, on the crest of the Western Ghats, India, 1883.

The creation of India’s fantastic rail network was the work of the British Raj, but it came at a high price for Indians themselves.

Fill-in-the-blank postcard, c.1940.

From the taming of the ‘Wild West’ to the lucrative wages of sin.

Marching through the Atacama during the War of the Pacific, one Chilean general opined that his troops had fought ‘more against the desert than against men’. For those soldiers, the desert became a hell on earth.

President Sukarno authorising Major General Suharto to restore public order, 11 March 1966,

The story of Indonesia’s anti-Communist coup, the rise to power of a pro-western regime and its murderous aftermath.


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