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  • The Death of an Emperor

    With the US riven by civil war, Napoleon III seized the opportunity to install an emperor in Mexico. The new regime soon fell apart in a catastrophic manner.

  • Learning Japanese

    Official secrecy and institutional rivalry obscured the achievements of two crash programmes hastily launched to teach Japanese during the Second World War. 

  • Fake Views

    The 19th-century craze for spiritualism ‘resurrected’ the dead through manipulated photography, a practice that boomed with the trauma caused by war – though it was not without its sceptics.

  • What Chips did Next

    A ringside seat to British domestic politics, from Chamberlain’s meeting with Hitler in October 1938 to the fall of Mussolini in July 1943.

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    Feb 2022

    In the February issue:

    The Second Mexican Empire, Roma Holocaust, ‘Spirit Photography’, Pith Paper, Learning Japanese.

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