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Niall Ferguson.
‘What will future generations judge us most harshly for? Losing the Second Cold War to China.’

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A caravan of Arabic traders, by Yahya ibn Mahmud Al-Wasiti, from Al-Hariri’s Maqama, c.1240.

Arabic was not just spread by the sword, but by merchants, patron-hunting poets and dowry-seeking princes.

Barnaby Rogerson

Could Britain have done more to ensure Hong Kong's freedoms?

Thomas Benge

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R Fresson

The wife of the Mughal Emperor died in 1631.

German soldiers look out over Riga’s old town from the tower of St Peter’s Church, 1917 © Bridgeman Images

Events in the Baltic States at the end of the First World War had serious long-term consequences.

A starboard bow view of ships of tanker convoy No. 12 underway in the Persian Gulf, 21 October 1987

If tensions between the US and Iran in the Persian Gulf lead to war, it will not be the first time.

Unloading camels at Port Augusta, c.1893. State Library of South Australia, B 68916

Continental Australia has a surprising history of South Asian immigration.

From 'A Tour in Wales' by Thomas Pennant (1726-1798).

Historical facts about the Druids are few, yet this very lack of tangible evidence has allowed their image to be reworked and appropriated by the English, Irish, Scots and Welsh for over 500 years.

‘Hitler wants Hogg’: children with placards supporting A.D. Lindsay, Oxford, 27 October 1938.

The by-elections of 1938 are part of the long history of Independent Progressives in British politics.

The Origin of the Milky Way,  by Jacopo Tintoretto, 1577-79 © akg-images

A deceived god has a creative outburst.

Niall Ferguson.

‘What will future generations judge us most harshly for? Losing the Second Cold War to China.’


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