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  • Love on the Wire

    The advent of telecommunications gave rise to a new literary genre through which female telegraphers and writers found social freedoms.

  • The Normans in Byzantium

    Spreading east in the 11th century, the Normans soon became a feared part of the Byzantine army, but a mercenary’s loyalty is always to his paymaster, as the empire would soon discover. 

  • On the Ballot

    Before the secret ballot, voting in Britain was a theatrical, violent and public affair. The Act that made democracy private turns 150 this year.

  • An Irish Cuba?

    During the worst year of the Troubles, the British government became alarmed at the implications of a Soviet embassy opening in Dublin.

  • Under the Influence

    Alcohol was part of daily life in the colonial Maghreb. In 1913 the French banned alcohol in Tunisia, revealing a deep distrust of local drinks and their Jewish and Muslim makers. 

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