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Workers at an archaeological excavation site, anonymous, c.1920-1930. Rijksmuseum.

What the media missed while covering the discovery of two statues in Rome.

Ben Jones

Filmmakers, revolutionaries, Iranian shahs – Mexico has a long history of providing political asylum.

Ben Jones

What did it mean to be black and British in the Caribbean in the 20th century?

Ben Jones.

The repression in China’s Xinjiang region has deep historical roots.

Shackleton's expedition to the Antarctic, c. 1916. Library of Congress.

A new treaty on the governance of Antarctica, signed in 1959, became a trailblazing model for the world. But the future of the ‘white continent’ remains contentious.

Oliver Cromwell sends parliament away, 1653. Rijksmuseum.

Over the last 30 years, the UK’s political class has swapped ideology for values and sleepwalked into major constitutional and political change. What can it learn from the last time it faced a crisis of such magnitude?

August 1967: Police clash with protestors at the Hong Kong tram workers strike. Wiki Commons.

Hong Kong’s current extradition law crisis is not the first that the territory has faced.

Ben Jones

Public monuments have become sites of historical conflict, revealing bitter divisions over interpretations of the past.

Ben Jones

During the Cold War, nearly a quarter of all the world’s nuclear testing took place in Kazakhstan, in secret. In 1986, a high-profile disaster in Ukraine changed that.

Ben Jones

The revolt against President Omar al-Bashir is not the first in Sudan’s history, but it is the first since Africa’s former largest country split in two.