Behind the Times

Ben Jones

The sinister reach of East Germany’s Ministry for State Security did not end in 1989. According to the British press, the Stasi is still with us.

Ben Jones

As human populations expand and their exploitation of the globe increases, so does their vulnerability to certain diseases.

Ben Jones

Boris Johnson is facing a national crisis like few other prime ministers. Which of his predecessors will he draw comparisons with?

Ben Jones

Myanmar’s colonial legacy includes racial hierarchies and authoritarian government. In the new nation state, not everyone is welcome.

Workers at an archaeological excavation site, anonymous, c.1920-1930. Rijksmuseum.

What the media missed while covering the discovery of two statues in Rome.

Ben Jones

Filmmakers, revolutionaries, Iranian shahs – Mexico has a long history of providing political asylum.

Ben Jones

What did it mean to be black and British in the Caribbean in the 20th century?

Ben Jones.

The repression in China’s Xinjiang region has deep historical roots.

Shackleton's expedition to the Antarctic, c. 1916. Library of Congress.

A new treaty on the governance of Antarctica, signed in 1959, became a trailblazing model for the world. But the future of the ‘white continent’ remains contentious.

Oliver Cromwell sends parliament away, 1653. Rijksmuseum.

Over the last 30 years, the UK’s political class has swapped ideology for values and sleepwalked into major constitutional and political change. What can it learn from the last time it faced a crisis of such magnitude?