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September 2019

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  • Himmler's Witch Hunt
  • Life on the Mississippi
  • Keeping India Cool
  • Enemies of the Habsburgs
  • History in Ruins
  • History of Borek
  • The Beard Maketh the Man
  • What Counts as a Concentration Camp?

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Selected articles from this issue

Karl Wolff, Heinrich Himmler and Reinhard Heydrich attend the premiere of the film Verräter (Traitor), Nuremberg, 1936 © akg-images

The Third Reich’s obsession with a pure Germanic past led to a renewed interest in the witch hunts of early modern Germany.

Race of the Steamboats: Robert E. Lee (nicknamed the ‘Monarch of the Mississippi’) and Natchez, chromolithograph, 1870 © Getty Images

Mark Twain painted an evocative vision of the Mississippi River, but he didn’t tell the whole story.

Three Indian men on a verandah pulling punkha strings, c.1900 © Royal Society for Asian Affairs, London/Bridgeman Images

Sweltering British imperialists relied on an army of fan bearers, whose stories are as invisible as the air they circulated.

'The fourth age'. Detail from a photo montage of the Members of the International Medical Congress, London, 1881. Wellcome Collection.

During the Renaissance, the beard was the defining feature of a man.