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In the December issue:

  • The Rulers of Medieval France
  • Apollo 12: The Perfect Mission to the Moon
  • Empire of Celebrity
  • The Studious Resistance of Marc Bloch
  • The Velvet Revolution in the Regions
  • National Parks
  • A History of Haggis
  • Antarctica

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Selected articles from this issue

Fragile Fame

But for one turning point, Ermengarde, Viscountesse of Narbonne, might be as well known as Eleanor of Aquitaine.

Alan Bean collecting soil samples, with Pete Conrad reflected in his visor, the Moon, November 1969 © Bettmann/Getty Images.

Overshadowed between two dramatic missions, the success of Apollo 12 was vital to the continuing space project.

iIlustrations from Fashions and Customs of Marie Antoinette and her Times, by Gustave de Reiset, 1885 © Bridgeman Images.

In the 18th century, celebrity culture helped make the British Empire seem both a part of everyday life and a place of fantasy.