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Germany under Bismarck, East Africa’s Tourist War, Oliver Cromwell, Protector of the Jews, Decimalisation, ‘Gifted Children’, Ancient Egypt, the American Civil War, Wartime Widows.

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April 2021


East Africa’s Tourist War

A newly independent Tanganyika hoped to capture part of the lucrative European market for African tourism. But its rivalry with neighbouring Kenya proved an obstacle.

Germany United

The first German constitution was ratified in April 1871. Designed by Otto von Bismarck to preserve the old regime, it would eventually help bring about its downfall.

The Chosen Peoples

Oliver Cromwell’s desire to bring about the readmission of Jews to England was met with prejudice and opposition. But he succeeded, with help from powerful friends.

On the Money

The introduction of decimal coinage to the UK was a long while coming. But the transition was surprisingly smooth.

Uncomfortable History

Japan’s responsibility for ‘comfort women’ is avoided by the state and written out of national histories. Activists are working to make Japan confront its past.

Long Division

The tension between colonial government and the work of missionaries characterised British colonialism in Nigeria.