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Mexico and the Spanish Civil War, medieval France, spycraft and the Glorious Revolution, challenging the ‘ugliness’ of Anne of Cleves, and Portugal’s Carnation Revolution.

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April 2024


How Mexico Fought Franco

Just two countries supported the Republic during the Spanish Civil War: the Soviet Union and Mexico. While Soviet help came with strings attached, Mexico’s reflected the country’s contentious relationship with its old colonial master.

Spycraft and the Glorious Revolution

In the era of the early modern ‘secret state’, two notorious brothers set up an elaborate intelligence network, managing a vast array of spies and informers watchful for Jacobite plots against Britain.

Northern Ireland’s Sex Scandal that Wasn’t

When four men were accused of an act of ‘gross indecency’ in 1950s Belfast, just three were put on trial. Despite efforts by the unionist government to protect a member of a prominent local family, not everyone was willing to be complicit in a cover-up.

Columbine 25 Years On

Columbine marked the beginning of a new era of high-profile mass shootings in the US. Was the attack the inevitable outcome of lax controls and a culture of gun glorification?