On the Spot: Levi Roach

‘I used to doubt that the changes undergone in western Europe’s “feudal revolution” were substantial; now, I’m inclined to accept that they were.’

On the Spot: Erik Linstrum

‘In the US, people often think of British history as quaint or niche, instead of a central force in the making of global modernity.’

On the Spot: Peter Carey

What historical topic have I changed my mind on? Colonialism. I now know that it had no redeeming features.

On the Spot: Bettany Hughes

What historical topic have I changed my mind on? I thought the sacrifice of young women in the Bronze Age was a myth. It wasn’t.

On the Spot: Feargal Cochrane

Why am I a historian of Irish politics? I grew up in 1970s Belfast, where contested versions of history were literally written on the walls.