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Michael Scott.

‘The most common misconception about my field is that classicists study a past that no longer impacts on our world today.’

Helen McCarthy.

‘People can surprise you. They often don’t fit into the categories we impose on them.’

Emily Jones.

‘Ideas don’t do things; people do.’

John Bew.

‘What is the most common misconception about my field? That it is ‘great man’ history.’

Lucy Inglis

‘People don't learn from others’ mistakes. We have a need to make our own.’

‘What will future generations judge us most harshly for? That we allowed Donald Trump to violate the US constitution.’

Allan Mallinson

‘The generalship at the top in the First World War was as bad as Liddell Hart said it was’.

‘People think curators sit about in armchairs drinking tea while occasionally peering at an object. It’s a little more high octane than that.’

The historian of Roman literature on Augustus’ funeral and the world’s best museum.

The historian on her love for Mary Wollstonecraft, Locke’s manuscripts and why you should wash your hands.