Months Past

The Face of Beatrice Cenci

The painting that inspired Shelley and Stendahl is thought to be of a young woman executed on 11 September 1599 for the murder of her father.

The First Live-Streaming

The théâtrophone premiered in Paris, at the International Exposition of Electricity, on 11 August 1881.

Defenestration in Prague

Following the death by burning of Czech Wycliffite Jan Hus in 1415, Jan Zelivsk preached in Prague New Town on 30 July 1419.

A Woman Runs for President

Victoria Claflin Woodhull was ratified as the Equal Rights Party’s candidate for the presidency on 6 June 1872.

A Musical Riot

Igor Stravinsky’s ‘shockingly contemporary’ The Rite of Spring ​​​​premiered on 29 May 1913.

A Medical Break Through

The physician James Parkinson, who lent his name to the medical condition he defined, was born on 11 April 1755.

The Great Wine Blight

The botanist Jules Émile Planchon, who led efforts to find a remedy for phylloxera, died on 1 April 1888.