Volume 68 Issue 6 June 2018

Man and god seek love and unity in one of the most celebrated Hindu myths.

The Russian Revolution should not be confined to 1917. The legacy of its leader and chief ideologue lives on in all its terrible contradictions.

The untold story of African-Americans’ civil cases in the segregated South.

Cultural curiosity inspired generations of British imperialists to unearth India’s past.

When the justice system of medieval England was found to be too corrupt, Robin Hood and the outlaws of fact and fiction created their own system beyond the law.

Getting and keeping the throne in the Ottoman Empire was no easy task. For a new sultan, the most foolproof method of securing power was to kill all other claimants.

Works by artists including Dalí, Duchamp and Picasso went on display at the Burlington Gallery on 11 June 1936.

Beyond the popular image of a harsh, vast expanse. 

Why is the siege such a popular and controversial imperial episode?

In their quest to collect all the knowledge of the known world, Roman authors also recorded the strange and the fabulous.

When does a boy become a man? Medieval millennials were just as hard to define as those of today.

The unusual circumstances of the founding of New Orleans have had lasting impact on its culture. 

Capital in the north portico to the Courtyard of the Myrtles in the Comares Palace of the Alhambra. A great ship moored between the mountains and...
This is the second, stunning instalment of what will evidently constitute an outstanding three-volume biography of Napoleon, which explores the...
Woodcut illustrating a method of training memory through place-based images from Johannes Romberch’s Congestorium Artifiose Memoriae, printed in...
‘Really wonderful work. No use describing it, you have to see it.’ So wrote Ludwig Borchardt in his official excavation diary on 6 December 1912, the...
Without a husband, I shall live happily. Without a man, I shall live proudly … So sings the Shaman of Nisan as she pays a flying...
Quaranic inscriptions on the dome of the mausoleum of the 13th-century Persian mystic Jalal al-Din Muhammad al-Rumi, Konya, central Anatolia. In...

Literature and the visual arts have long sought to depict the nature of conflict. But what about music?

‘The generalship at the top in the First World War was as bad as Liddell Hart said it was’.

The propagation of humanity has been a bloody struggle for women.

A children’s opera brought a brief respite from the terrors of the Holocaust.