Korea the Kingmaker

The Korean peninsula was a chessboard on which the fates of great powers were decided. 

Troop Withdrawals from Korea

It was not until a year after the armistice that the remaining American divisions were withdrawn from Korea, on August 18th, 1954.

Opening the Hermit Kingdom

In the middle of the 19th century, Korea was isolated from the rest of the world and unknown. Many attempts were made to open it.

The Korean War Begins

When North Korean tanks and infantry crossed the Thirty-Eighth Parallel in 1950, the Korean War began. The three-year war cost United Nations and South Korean forces over 200,000 casualties.

The Commonwealth in Korea

Brian Catchpole remembers the sufferings and heroism of the Commonwealth Division in the first major conflict of the Cold War.

The Capitol, Seoul

Ronan Thomas takes a look at the cultures of Korea after becoming independent from Japan in 1945.