Volume 72 Issue 11 November 2022

Death of Thomas Tallis

One of the first – and greatest – composers of English Protestant church music died on 23 November 1585.

The ‘Jena Set’

The quiet German town that formed the backdrop for the first German Romantic movement.

Sign of the Times

Speech, rather than hearing, has been at the heart of the long history of deaf exclusion.

In Bed with the Tudors

Did Tudor beds have footboards? The conundrum illustrates the challenges of early modern history.

The Army that Walked on Water

For the Swedish king Charles X Gustav, the freezing winter of 1658 provided a unique opportunity: to march across the ice and create a Scandinavian superkingdom.

For God (and us)

The histories of sixteen great cathedrals from Hagia Sophia to Santa Maria del Fiore.