Martin Evans

What is French secularism?

Although it once represented the victory of anti-clerical republicanism, laïcité has come to mean something very different.

The Ben Barka Affair

After the kidnapping of Moroccan revolutionary Mehdi Ben Barka in 1965, the fingers of blame pointed in several directions. The details of what happened are still not known.

Camus: Out of North Africa

On the centenary of his birth, Martin Evans looks at the evolving legacy of the Algerian-born French writer Albert Camus

A Museum of Movement

Martin Evans explains the aims and origins of France’s national museum of immigration.

Algeria’s Jewish Question

The Jews of Algeria had lived side by side with Muslims for centuries, but the struggle for Algerian independence presented them with stark choices, as Martin Evans explains.

After the Cold War

Martin Evans introduces a short series looking at changing attitudes to history in the former Communist states.