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Volume 68 Issue 2 February 2018

Pirates captured by an increasingly powerful British state were routinely executed. But what happened to the families they left behind?

The chance survival of a ‘postbag’ of letters reveals a lost world of merchants, pilgrims, bankers and scholars.

‘Word blindness’ was a recognised condition more than a century ago. But it was not until the 1970s that it began to be accepted by the medical establishment.

Gerald Brooke’s time in a Soviet prison was a pivotal moment in Cold War espionage.

Lucie Delarue-Mardrus was at the heart of daring interwar Paris, where she used her influence to defend those left behind by ‘progress’.

The chef and restaurateur died on 12 February 1935.

First sighted in 1820, for much of human history Antarctica has been an abstract idea.

Seemingly inconsequential, dedicating books to royalty was a vital part of Tudor publishing.

Wendell Phillips is not remembered fondly in Yemen. 

Why is it so easy to forget an unsavoury aspect of Britain’s recent past?

Defeat into victory: Grant after the battle of Cold Harbor, June 1864 Ulysses S. Grant is considered one of the great commanders in history and one...
When Samuel Pepys sampled his first cup of tea in 1660 the ‘China drink’ was an expensive novelty, promoted mainly for its medicinal qualities. At...
The explosion in the study of both Mediterranean and Atlantic history, not to mention the history of other seas and oceans, has left one important...
Benjamin Franklin was a practical man. When short of type as a young printer, he spurned the idea of waiting for duplicates from England and...
‘The horror, the horror.’ Kurtz’s last words in Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness (1899) are seared into the memory of those who give...
It has been a while since anyone has spoken up for Charles I. He has been memorably played in film (Alec Guinness), on television (Jeremy Clyde) and...
The flapper continues to exert a powerful hold on our collective imagination. A symbol of decadence, ebullience and cynicism, she signifies at once...

A lack of historical knowledge is easily exploited in the fractious world of social media.

Though much of the West has withdrawn from empire, one of the world’s rising powers offers the latest twist on imperialism.  

The historian of Russia on Dostoevsky, Foucault and sympathy for the Bolsheviks. 

Sexual exploitation by powerful men has a long history. Will it ever end?

A map of the Japanese city from the Edo period was one of the earliest produced for general use. 

Historians set great store by what people heard in the past, but what about those things they misheard?