Lincoln's nemesis: John Wilkes Booth, c.1864
The man who killed Abraham Lincoln was shot dead on April 26th, 1865.

Richard Cavendish

Mussolini in the company of his legitimate family, 1929.
Mussolini's German-backed 'real Fascism' experiment.

Richard Bosworth

Play on: red-figure amphora with musical scene, attributed to the Niobid Painter, c.460-50 BC.
Though originally set to music, we almost always encounter the Ancient Greek epics as mute texts. But now their songs can be heard again.

Alexander Lee

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The career of Tunisian singer Habiba Messika was cut tragically short in 1930. Her murder devastated her fans, but in its aftermath her records spread across the French-...

Bitter memories: a German guard on the streets of Gdynia, occupied Poland, September 1939.

A new law exposes the problematic nature of Holocaust remembrance.

A master of the early Renaissance depicts the moment that Christians regard as the confirmation of Jesus’ divinity.

‘Blowing mutinous Sepoys from the guns’, India, 1858.

The story of the skull of a victim of the Indian Uprising of 1857 raises profound questions about imperialism.  

Portrait of Marie Antoinette with her Children, by Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun, 1787. (Château de Versailles, France / Bridgeman Images)

There were many obstacles preventing women from becoming artists in the 18th century, but those who overcame them created some of the most influential art of their time. 

'Monstra Niliaca Parei', from Aldrovandi’s History of Monsters, 1642.

Some of the most intelligent people in early modern Europe were convinced of the existence of merpeople.

Bust of Philip II of Macedon, first century AD. (Bridgeman Images)

The urge to create a Greek nation state goes back millennia. Its success depended on a shared notion of ‘Greekness’ across widespread city states. 

Still life with flowers, Hans Gillisz. Bollongier, 1639.

Historians have overplayed the extent of the moral, social and economic impact of the 17th-century craze for trading tulip bulbs. The original Dutch sources reveal a much more...


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