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 Leticia Landon Travels Through Time
Leticia Landon was one of the brightest stars in the London literary scene: an enigma whose life and tragic death has been left open to interpretation.

History Today

The Wild Hunt of Odin, by Peter Nicolai Arbo, 1872, National Gallery, Oslo.
A chaotic, menacing assembly of gods and trolls and restless souls.

History Today

Mosaic from Hagia Sofia depicting Constantine I with a representation of the city of Constantinople
A history of the Byzantine Empire from its foundation in 324 to its conquest in 1453.

Dionysios Stathakopoulos

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Dr Johnson and his friends, 19th-century engraving.

Meet the members of the 18th-century’s most illustrious club.

The Acropolis of Athens by Leo von Klenze.

The worst kind of government – apart from all the others – faces increasingly tough challenges. Four leading historians consider its future.

Abraham von Kiduna received by the host of a brothel, German woodcut, 1477.

What was life like for medieval prostitutes? A case in the German town of Nördlingen reveals a hellish world of exploitation and violence.

Robert Parkin Peters.

The life of Robert Parkin Peters: clergyman, would-be academic and one of the most brazen fraudsters of the 20th century.

Berliners on the outskirts of Tempelhof Airfield during the airlift, July 1948.

Just two years after victory in the most murderous war in history, the divisions between the Soviet Union and the Western powers became unbridgeable. 

Late 16th century portrait, housed in the National Portrait Gallery, London.

The story of Richard III’s lieutenants, William Catesby, Sir Richard Ratcliffe and Francis, Viscount Lovell, is one of intrigue, death and a mysterious disappearance.

 Leticia Landon Travels Through Time

Letitia Landon – 'L.E.L.' – was one of the brightest stars of Georgian London's literary scene, but she remains an enigma whose life and death are open to interpretation. 

A group of armed Afghans in the Khyber Pass, c.1910.

Against the odds, the Third Anglo-Afghan War led to Afghanistan’s independence.


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  • The fate of Richard III’s counsellors
  • The Anglo-Afghan War of 1919
  • Max Weber
  • A history of enchiladas

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