By E.R. Truitt

E.R. Truitt revisits John Cohen’s 1963 article on the history of automata and the quest to recreate humanity.

Quiet posting: a soldier in German uniform stands with a captured Dutch gun at Texel, May, 1940.

By Larry Hannant

The carnage at Texel has been largely forgotten.

The Jutland peninsula in 1864. The area in red was Danish prior to that year.

By Jeff Bowersox

The Schleswig-Holstein War of 1864 was not just a fight for territory, but also a debate over the concept of the nation.

Men in 'coffin beds'.

By David Brady

Homelessness was an acute problem in the 19th-century city.

The Eternal Flame, at the Armenian Genocide Memorial, at Tsitsernakaberd, Yerevan.

By Armen T. Marsoobian

Armen T. Marsoobian explores the complex history of one of the 20th-century’s worst and most neglected crimes against humanity.

A teacher of a Latin school and two students, 1487

By Rachel Moss

Far from being a tool of censorship, trigger warnings give a voice to those who might ordinarily find it hard to speak.

William Frederick Yeames, The meeting of Sir Thomas More with his daughter after his sentence of death, 1872.

By Hilary Mantel

The following letter was published in our July 2015 issue.

Aï Keïta in the title role of Sarraounia.

By Paul Lay

Documentaries are too often full of simplicities and stereotypes. This needn't be the case.