A practitioner of Mesmerism using animal magnetism

By Simone Natale

Many assumptions and values separate us from the Victorians, but belief in the supernatural is not one of them, argues Simone Natale. 

By History Today

In this issue: a history of epidemics, the Rhodes controversy, and the murder of James I.
The unexploded shell, fired by HMS Malaya, in the nave of Genoa Cathedral

By Philip Weir

On its 75th anniversary, Philip Weir remembers Britain’s first attempt to smash a major hydroelectric dam: the bombardment of Genoa in 1941.

Street sign in Quebec, Canada

By Stan Carey

The way we spell words seems integral to our identity. But spelling is neither fixed nor permanent, and we have a long history of attempts to reform it – some more successful than others.

By History Today

A history of French involvement in southeast Asia.
Westbound platform in the Mount Pleasant sorting office station

By Dean Nicholas

The little-known subterranean railway will open as part of the new Postal Museum. 

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By Maiken Umbach

Can we decontaminate Mein Kampf by ‘framing’ it in historical scholarship?

By Cormac Shine

Historians need to dispel the myths that have grown up around the Peace of Westphalia.

By History Today

A visual guide to some of the places History Today visits in our latest edition.

The ruins of Corfe Castle

By Marc Morris

One of King John's most detestable crimes has been surprisingly overlooked by historians.

'Truth Presenting a Mirror to the Vanities', Dutch, c.1625

By Suzannah Lipscomb

The public expects historians to deliver authoritative accounts of the past, yet different conclusions can be drawn from the same sources.