By Colin Cruise

An engrossing exhibition on the origins and development of drawing from ancient sculptures. 

By David Wilson

The treasure hunting triggered by the wreckage of one fleet was a major stimulus for piracy and the rise of such notorious pirates as Blackbeard and ‘Calico’ Jack Rackham.

Reaching out: a detail from The Stories of St Augustine by Benozzo Gozzoli, 1465, in the Church of St Augustine, San Gimignano.

By Paul Lay

A general set of principles for practitioners of public history.

King and Queen of Scots: Darnley and Mary, Scottish school, c.1565.

By Richard Cavendish

Henry Stewart wed Mary on July 29th 1565.

Behind the curtain: an illustration from Barthelemy l'Anglais' Le Livre des Proprietes des choses, c.1410.

By Suzannah Lipscomb

High-minded allegations of prurience should not stop historians from examining the intimate lives of people in the past.

By History Today

This month we discuss Proto-Indo-European, the ancestor of almost every language now spoken from the Hebrides to the Himalayas.

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What happens next will SHOCK you.

By Kate Wiles

The best of #historicalclickbait.

Bronze Age cult wagon miniature, c.ninth-fifth century BC, discovered in Spain.

By Harry Ritchie

Many of the world’s languages derive from a single source. Harry Ritchie tells the story of Proto-Indo-European.

By William Tullett

We tend to think of the early modern city as one beset by foul, dangerous air and dank odours. Yet it also inspired a golden age of perfumery, explains William Tullett. 

Churchill arrives with his family in the Queen Elizabeth, March 23rd, 1949.

By Roland Quinault

From luxury liners to troopships: Roland Quinault examines the close relationship between the Cunard line and Winston Churchill.

The decapitated head of Robespierre, wood engraving, 1794.

By Colin Jones

The momentous final days of the French revolutionary are well documented. Yet, argues Colin Jones, many of the established ‘facts’ are myths that do not stand up to scrutiny.

By Roger Hudson

Roger Hudson details the tense situation leading up to the evacuation of British troops from Aden in 1967.