By Patrick Little

Debunking the romantic account of a parliamentarian siege.

By Roger Hudson

Tsar Nicholas II’s prewar visit to Kiev.

By Daniel Beer

Understanding the reign of Tsar Alexander III.

By Ian Mortimer

History rather than science should lead the debate over England's royal lines.

By Thomas Asbridge

Did William Marshal succeed in his mission to fight the forces of Saladin?
Once a rare sight, a CCTV camera overlooks a street in Croydon, 1968. William Lovelace / Getty Images.

By Bernard Porter

Britain is now probably the most watched nation in the world.
Evelyn Wrentan plays a highway-woman in the 1935 film, Hands Up.

By Anna Field

An extract from the 2014 History Today undergraduate dissertation prize.
Ivan IV, 'the Terrible', early 18th century. AKG Images

By Greg Carleton

We must look further back if we wish to understand the nation’s aims and motivations.


Gerald Harriss

By Nigel Saul

A masterly medievalist, he trained a generation of leading historians.
Recorded history: a cameraman follows troop movements in Northern Iraq, 2014.

By Suzannah Lipscomb

We now live in an age of speeded-up history.
Standing stone at Avebury. Photo by Eleanor Warren.

By Kate Wiles

How an Anglo-Saxon sculpture became a feline tombstone.
A scene from Ill Met by Moonlight, the 1957 film based on W. Stanley Moss's account of the Kriepe abduction.

By Josh Spero

Second-hand books don’t just tell the stories of their authors but of their former owners, too.
To ask the value of speech is like asking the value of life.’ Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone and advocate of deaf education.

By Kate Wiles

Bell's work on deafness and speech sounds should not be forgotten.

By History Today

Geoffrey Parker talks about his distinguished career.
Map depicting a simplified history of territorial acquisitions within the continental United States

By Dean Nicholas

Astronomy in ancient Greece, Henry Morton Stanley and the Gadsden Purchase.
Simon de Montfort, in a drawing of a stained glass window found at Chartres Cathedral

By Kate Wiles

The 750th anniversary of English Parliament is celebrated today. Why was it so significant?


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