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By Daniel Tilles

Hatred of Jews was at the very core of Oswald Mosley's ideology.
A newspaper advertisement ponders the result of the referendum on Scottish independence, Edinburgh, September 15th, 2014. Getty Images

By Naomi Lloyd-Jones

Can politicians offer lasting, inclusive solutions to the fall-out from last year’s referendum?

By Daniel Beer

Understanding the reign of Tsar Alexander III.
Once a rare sight, a CCTV camera overlooks a street in Croydon, 1968. William Lovelace / Getty Images.

By Bernard Porter

Britain is now probably the most watched nation in the world.

By Thomas Asbridge

Did William Marshal succeed in his mission to fight the forces of Saladin?

By Roger Hudson

Tsar Nicholas II’s prewar visit to Kiev.

By Patrick Little

Debunking the romantic account of a parliamentarian siege.
Evelyn Wrentan plays a highway-woman in the 1935 film, Hands Up.

By Anna Field

An extract from the 2014 History Today undergraduate dissertation prize.


By History Today

Geoffrey Parker talks about his distinguished career.
Map depicting a simplified history of territorial acquisitions within the continental United States

By Dean Nicholas

Astronomy in ancient Greece, Henry Morton Stanley and the Gadsden Purchase.
Simon de Montfort, in a drawing of a stained glass window found at Chartres Cathedral

By Kate Wiles

The 750th anniversary of English Parliament is celebrated today. Why was it so significant?

By Dean Nicholas

Images of the Norman castle, which was largely destroyed during the English Civil Wars.
Jasper's Jesse: the Tree of Jesse at St. Mary's Priory, Abergavenny.

By Muriel Adams

Who was responsible for one of the great surviving objects of the Middle Ages?
Body beautiful: Greek amphora, Attica, fourth century BC.

By Eric Chaline

The New Year’s resolution to join a gym is nothing new.

By Paul Lay

Oswald Mosley, the siege of Corfe Castle, highway-women and more.
“United States, Showing the Relative Average Density of Existing Forests.” From Department of the Interior, Census Office,Sixteen Maps Accompanying Report On Forest Trees Of North America, By C.S. Sargent, 1884.

By Rhys Griffiths

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