Marlborough College Summer School



By Leigh Cuen

Wallada was among the greatest creative figures of 11th-century Córdoba.

By Fern Riddell

An Edwardian campaign of terror.
Punic Demeter mask, third-second century. Musée National de Carthage, Tunisia. / Bridgeman Images

By Erich B. Anderson

Carthage and Rome go head to head.

By Suzanne Bardgett

The British Empire's 'sex problem'.
Factories in Leicester

By Virginia Nicholson

Britain in 1950 was different, in many ways, from Britain today

By Roger Hudson

The defining role played by oil in the predominantly Kurdish-populated city of Kirkuk in Iraq.
Sole surviving portrait: John Aubrey, 1666. Ashmolean Museum, Oxford / Bridgeman Images

By John Aubrey

Imagining the diary of John Aubrey from the remnants of his life.

By Robert Colls

A personal reflection upon the religious roots of the Labour Party.


Foes forever: More (left) and Cromwell

By Paul Lay

The problem with historical fiction is that it needs heroes. History doesn't.

By Marc Morris

Will England's most reviled king get the 'Thomas Cromwell' treatment?
The Roses of Heliogabalus (1888)

By Colin Cruise

A review of Victorian Obsessions, an exhibition at Leighton House Museum, London.
All at sea: 'The Last Leap of a Great Man' (Napoleon). French engraving, early 19th century.

By Jeremy Black

The epochal year’s defining events do not begin and end with the Battle of Waterloo.
Map of Gran Colombia, 1824.

By History Today

Questions on the Risorgimento, Tutankhamun, Gran Colombia and the Western Roman Empire.
School tools: whale-bone writing-tablet and styluses from the middle Anglo-Saxon period

By Kate Wiles

An insight into the workings of a typical 10th-century Anglo-Saxon classroom.

By Paul Lay

Georgian shopping, Waterloo, Anglo-Saxon classrooms and the Sons of Mars.
The martyrdom of St Thomas Becket appears in a fourteenth-century stained glass interpretation, which is known as the Becket Window, in Christ Church, Oxford.

By Curtis Runstedler

Why was Thomas Becket considered a saint in the first place?