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Portrait of Edward Gibbon (1737–1794) by Sir Joshua Reynolds.

By James Snell

Writing history with skill and verve is not a distasteful exercise. 

By Laura Schwartz

New film explores the lives of working-class women militants.

Alice Roberts in Celts: Blood, Iron and Sacrifice

By Rachel Pope

A new BBC series fails to give its subject the depth it deserves. 

Portrait of Maria Luisa of Parma, Queen of Spain

By Kate Wiles

The Spanish painter's works give intimate insight into his subjects’ psychology and incisive social commentary on a dramatic period of Spanish history.

'Robin shoots with Sir Guy', by Louis Rhead

By Stephen Basdeo

Criminal biographers of the 18th century portrayed Robin as a cold-blooded killer. 

White Eagle: Evelina Haverfield, c.1900.

By Magda Czajkowska

The life and legacy of a woman who sacrificed everything for her cause.

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Houston Gun show at the George R. Brown Convention Center. By glasgows,

By Stephen Cooper

Stephen Cooper explores the history of firearms law and the key differences between the United States and Britain. 

Ogham Stone, Dunloe, County Kerry, Ireland.

By Catherine Swift

The ancient rune-like writing system is carved into stones across Ireland.

Big boss: the arms of Henry, Prince of Wales and Catherine of Aragon flank the initials of Henricus Rex (Henry VII).

By John Crook

New discoveries about Winchester Cathedral provide insights into the relationships between a prominent churchman and his Tudor kings.

‘Mission impossible’: The Somme at Thiepval

By Rhys Griffiths

A government-sponsored trip to the battlefields of the First World War leads Rhys Griffiths to speculate on what exactly constitute 'British values'. 

The 200 peso note, featuring Juana Inés de la Cruz (1992-present)

By Amy Fuller

Amy Fuller looks at the life of the Mexican nun Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz and asks why we feel the need to kill our heroines rather than celebrate their achievements.