War in the West


By Simon Abernethy

Why a well-intentioned move would create more problems than it would solve. 

By Dean Nicholas

An interactive guide to the long conflict between England and France.
James Graham, 1st Marquis of Montrose, by William Dobson, c.1636

By David Nash

The quest for justice for maligned figures in our past forces us to question the notion of historical truth and objectivity.

Cover of German magazine Focus, February 2010

By Helen Roche

The philhellenist roots of the current financial crisis.

Frozen out: bikes parked in Cambridge.

By Mathew Lyons

Poorly paid and treated with contempt, the plight of early career researchers in the humanities is the result of a systemic betrayal of a generation of academics, argues Mathew Lyons.

By David Motadel

The Nazis believed that Islamic forces would prove crucial wartime allies. But, as David Motadel shows, the Muslim world was unwilling to be swayed by the Third Reich's advances.

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By Roger Hudson

Roger Hudson details the rebuilding of the world’s first theme park in south London in 1853.

Trotsky's tomb in Mexico City

By Richard Cavendish

The man born Lev Bronstein was attacked on August 20th, 1940. He died the following day.

By Katie Donington

The extent to which Britons were involved in slave-ownership has been laid bare by a project based at University College London. Katie Donington shows how one family profited.

Barrel-chested: Aleksander Stamboliski, 1900.

By G.D. Sheppard

Bulgaria suffered a swift and devastating defeat in the First World War, due, G.D. Sheppard argues, to its peasant leader-in-waiting’s shrewd use of propaganda.

By History Today

We speak to Katie Donington about the legacies of Britain's involvement in the slave trade. Also: Cambodia's lost rock and roll scene, and a report from the International Medieval Congress.


By Rachel Christian

Britain’s American colonies were widely thought to be peopled by miscreants and ‘desperate villains’. Rachel Christian describes the reality for those who found a new life across the Atlantic.