By Jonathan Phillips

A comprehensive account of a topic whose bitter legacy resonates to this day.
Depiction of the Bodleian LIbrary in the 17th century, by Alfred Church, 1886. Bridgeman Images

By Adrian Leak

Bishop William Stubbs was arguably the discipline’s first professional.

By Roger Hudson

Roger Hudson explains why the cricketer W.G. Grace embraced Indian headwear for a day.

By Richard Overy

The confusion after Hitler’s death damaged the West's relationship with Russia.
Charlemagne has a statue of the Saxon god Krodo torn down, while a church is built in its place. Engraving by Matthäus Merian the Elder, 1630.

By Paul Fouracre

The aftermath of the Fall of Rome.

By Stephen Badsey

Television has so far failed to embrace the latest historical research on the conflict.
Depiction of Richard being pardoned by Emperor Henry VI, c. 1196

By Minoo Dinshaw

Steven Runciman’s profile of Richard the Lionheart offers a nuanced and sensitive portrait.

By Glenn Richardson

The life and personality of one of the greatest French monarchs.


By Sponsor

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By Dean Nicholas

Germany's last Führer walks free from Spandau prison.
Worlds apart: women window-shop in Aleppo, Syria, 2008.

By Gillian Kenny

Three London schoolgirls will find themselves in a ‘medieval’ world.
A crowd watches the destruction of the last camp hut.

By Rhys Griffiths

A report from the Imperial War Museum's seminar on the liberation of the Bergen-Belsen camp in April 1945.
Bernardo O'Higgins

By History Today

The Cuban embargo, Chinese dynasties, the Peace of Westphalia, the 'Scramble for Africa' and more.

By Dean Nicholas

The Crusades, dealing with Dönitz, killers at the Kremlin and the importance of a good night's sleep.

By Dean Nicholas

A guide to the key moments in the history of the Crusades.
Where art meets science: the School of Athens, by Raphael, 1510-11.

By Paul Lay

Understanding the apparent link between terrorism and engineers.