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Bookish child: 'The Young Cicero Reading', fresco by Vincenzo Foppa, c.1464.

By Suzannah Lipscomb

There should be no contradiction in constructing a history curriculum that incorporates both Britain’s ‘national memory’ and its many diversities, argues Suzannah Lipscomb.  

By History Today

In this episode we discuss Tantric Buddhism. Also: King John and the siege of Rochester.

Simon Schama presenting 'Faces of Britain'.

By James Snell

Historical television retains tremendous power, potency, and great potential for educating and entertaining millions.

Basalt bust of Germanicus. Probably made in Egypt. Roman, c. AD 14-20

By Sponsor

Discover the story of Egypt’s incredible journey over 12 centuries (sponsored post).

By Richard Cavendish

A three-month frost fair began on November 24th, 1715.

By History Today

From codpiece to three-piece: a special digital-only issue on the history of fashion.
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The Temple of Antoninus and Faustina

By Matthew Nicholls

New publications and recent developments in the field.

Terracotta figure with a headdress of flowers, rings and a belt, c.3000 BC.

By Andrew Robinson

The civilisation that arose in the Indus valley around 5,000 years ago was only discovered in the early 20th century. Andrew Robinson looks at what we know about this extraordinary culture.

Printing shop, 1632.

By History Today

From Aristotle to El Alamein, via the Silk Road and Charlemagne's vast empire, ten leading historians tell us about the best books from 2015.

Léon Gambetta, leader of the Government of National Defence during the Franco-Prussian War. By Alphonse Legros (1875).

By Gavin Murray-Miller

In the wake of the Paris attack, the world is reminded of the strong republican self-image that has been central to the course of modern French politics.

By David Birmingham

Seconded to central Africa following the outbreak of the Second World War, John Cadbury became a master of logistics in one of the world’s toughest environments, as David Birmingham reveals.