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'Arguably among the most misconceived and incoherent studies ever published in the field of gay history'.

How far did artists in the Second World War support the war effort of their respective nations and perhaps become a propaganda arm of those fighting it – and did the quality of their art necessarily suffer as a result?

Hugh Brogan is unimpressed by a poorly written book whose tedious prose  'insults the memory of Tocqueville'.

A biography of 'the English Enlightenment hero that England has never been enlightened enough to honour'.

Medical advice from our Renaissance forebears.

An engaging and expansive exploration of humankind’s quest to defend itself against disease.

Why do we remember the date of 1066 above all others?

How did people below the ranks of the gentry and aristocracy remember the past in the pre-modern period?

How the Central Control Board tried to regulate liquor traffic in the years of the Great War.

The changing fortunes of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Taylor Downing is impressed by this year's Longman-History Today prizewinner.

How the founder of the modern Zionist movement awakened the impoverished Jewish masses of Eastern Europe to the idea of statehood.

Britain's interactions with its North American colonies told through the life story of several families.

Two books consider the idea of utopia and how 'humankind has yearned for a timeless elsewhere'.

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