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Two books consider the idea of utopia and how 'humankind has yearned for a timeless elsewhere'.

A provocative but compelling book investigates the parallels betweern Pakistan and Israel.

A fact-based novel about the Borgias.

An elegant study of one of the most remarkable buildings to have ever been built.

How Russia's leaders have fabricated and maintained state legitimacy.

Narrating the prehistory of the modern encyclopedia

A new book focuses on what was distinct about religious pollution in Roman culture.

A tale of Barbarian Popes and Imperial Pretenders.

The Mediterranean from the beginning to the emergence of the Classical World

An absorbing study of printed news in Jacobean and Caroline England.

Much has been written on the origins of the First World War. But few works are likely to match the calm and measured judgement of this book.

An account of Gandhi's early career doesn't gloss over some uncomfortable facts.

A collection of essays examining the international impact of the Italian invasion of Ethiopia in 1935.

The world of Wilkie Collins and mid-Victorian London.

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