Volume 70 Issue 12 December 2020

When They Get to the Border

The Aliens Act of 1905 was the culmination of decades of anxiety about migrants – some of whom attempted to reach Britain by clandestine means.

After Me, Conquest

Edward the Confessor, a model of medieval piety, was a surprisingly effective ruler.

A Holy Trinity

A walk through the City of London provides chance encounters with its deep history.

A Historic Turning Point?

Will historians see 2020 as the peak of a global crisis – or will the world continue on its perilous course?

Illyria Found

An intriguing glimpse into the complex politics of the late 19th century Balkans.

A Queen on Trial

The scandalous breakdown of the marriage between Caroline of Brunswick and George IV played out against a background of political agitation and economic distress.

On the Wrong Side of History

A celebrated novelist and tireless social reformer, Mary Ward has been all but forgotten because of her support for the anti-suffrage movement.