Volume 68 Issue 7 July 2018

The Rich Tapestry of Jewish Life

Combining grand narrative with vignettes of private lives and long-forgotten events, the last 500 years of Jewish life are told by a consummate master of his craft.

On the Spot: Anne Applebaum

‘What will future generations judge us most harshly for? That we allowed Donald Trump to violate the US constitution.’

The Bikini

The two-piece swimsuit was unveiled on 5 July 1946.

Rewriting the Classics

A translator alters more than a text’s language, turning the process into a political statement.

How Original Was Shakespeare?

Two fascinating, in-depth studies look, respectively, at representations of the Bard as a historical character and perceptions of his originality and reputation.

The Grapes of Roth

The late, great American novelist performed an important, but little-known, cultural role during the Cold War.  

Who Were The Phoenicians?

Josephine Quinn’s authoritative and engaging new study questions whether the Phoenicians had a homogeneous language or cultural heritage.