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Taylor Downing

John Buchan

An intimate understanding of John Buchan with a scholarly reading of the immense mass of his papers 

Daniel Ellsberg being presented with a papier-mâché ‘Declassified’ stamp on 23 September 1971, at a banquet held by the Federal Employees for Peace.

Revelations about the US nuclear codes during the Cold War from the man who helped draft the policy. 

Anti-Nuclear Power Protest in New York, 9 October 1979.

An invigorating take on the Cold War reveals the views of Russian scientists, politicians and senior military figures.

Singer Tom Jones rides a crane at BBC Television Centre, 1971.

With the BBC Charter renewal in the news, Taylor Downing recommends studies of the institution’s past, present and future.

Alfred Hitchcock, c.1930s

After 70 years, a visual record of the liberation of Belsen has been restored.

Taylor Downing looks at the making of the pioneering television series that launched BBC2 and marked the 50th anniversary of the First World War.

During the First World War, the Nobel Prize-winning scientist William Lawrence Bragg devised a system to locate enemy guns, which made a dramatic impact on the Allied war effort and beyond, says Taylor Downing.

This month marks the 40th anniversary of one of television’s greatest history documentary series. Taylor Downing celebrates The World at War.

London 2012 will be the biggest television spectacle ever. Taylor Downing reflects on the extraordinary links between the Olympics and the moving picture throughout their histories.

Taylor Downing appreciates the continuing relevance of an article questioning the accuracy of popular views of the wartime RAF.