Richard Sugg

What is the soul, where does it come from and where does it go when we die? Such questions have continued to fascinate since the early modern period, and have resulted in surprisingly creative answers. 

There is a long and international history of unusual burials. But should they be interpreted as fear of vampires, the supernatural and the living dead?

The 19th century is rich in ghost and poltergeist cases.

Richard Suggs on the history of ghoulish impersonations.

While vampires are not real, history shows that the fear of them is, as Richard Sugg demonstrates.

The  trade in human organs has given rise to many myths. We should look to its history, argues Richard Sugg, if we are to comprehend its reality.

Richard Sugg explains the origins of the term.

Richard Sugg searches history to explain the phenomenon of aggressive cannibalism, following recent allegations from Iraq.