Marc Morris

In the popular imagination, William the Conqueror is, without doubt, the villain, yet the sources we have for his life are ambivalent. Marc Morris revisits the evidence to show the man behind the mythology: neither good nor bad, but complex and human.

One of King John's most detestable crimes has been surprisingly overlooked by historians.

Historical reputations rise and fall, but King John has had more of a rollercoaster ride than most across the centuries. Reviled in his own day and...

The struggle between King John and his barons turned into open warfare at Rochester Castle in 1215. Yet the story of how the fortress came to be besieged has not been fully understood, says Marc Morris.

Will England's most reviled king get the Thomas Cromwell treatment? It doesn't seem likely. 

The violence and gore in the hit TV series simply reflect the bloodiness of the Middle Ages, right? Not necessarily, says Marc Morris.

In their celebrated spoof history, 1066 and All That , Sellar and Yeatman famously concluded that English history contained only two...
The Battle of Hastings is the most famous military encounter in English history. This is partly because of the seismic social change that followed...

Far from enslaving Anglo-Saxons under the Norman yoke, the Conquest brought freedom to many, as Marc Morris explains.

St George only gained popularity in England in the 15th century and Richard the Lionheart had nothing to do with it, writes Marc Morris.