An aerial view of a hydraulic system that pumped fresh water into the monastic complex.

A map of the Japanese city from the Edo period was one of the earliest produced for general use. 

An expedition route map produced by Stuart William Hughes Rawlins.

A map of the Jain universe.

Map of Guinea, El Dorado and the Orinoco coast by Walter Ralegh, late 16th century.  © Alamy

March 17th, 1617

© Roland and Sabrina Michaud/akg-images.

Kate Wiles highlights the Ottoman cartographer Piri Re'is and his charts, which blend navigation and art.

Map showing the route from London to Dover, showing major towns and cities.

A look at John Ogilby's Britannia road atlas of 1675.

Kate Wiles introduces a depiction of the earth's surface as it might have looked when the ‘Atlantean race’ was at its height.