Main Man

The ‘pragmatic and principled’ Harold Wilson.

Powerful Inversion

Understanding the Indigenous American past, from the earliest records of settlement up to the Ghost Dance revitalisation movement.

Hotel Days

Diplomatic negotiations at the 1921 Cairo Conference carved out a new geostrategic order.

Think About It

The seductions and delusions of mass media, consumerism, ‘group think’, advertising, opinion research and conspiracy theories.

Polished Off

A panoramic portrait of Józef Piłsudski, the man who ‘towers over modern Poland’.

The Body as Machine

The life of George Balanchine, the man behind a quintessential American ballet aesthetic.

Books of the Year 2022

Our year in reading covers the year’s major anniversaries such as Partition, Stalingrad and the March on Rome as well as space travel, English law and, of course, the Tudors.