The Berbice Rebellion

Uncovering the stories of the enslaved men and women who fought off the Dutch and their European allies in 1763.

Latest History Books

Magellan, schizophrenia, conspiracies and Europe’s indigenous Muslims: a roundup of some of the latest history books.

Naming It

The role of patients and professionals in the definition and treatment of schizophrenia.

Broad Church

A new and ambitious foray into the world of Anglican ecclesiastical history.

Dire Straits

The duplicitous, disloyal, callous and cruel Ferdinand Magellan.

The Other 300

The undeniable power of the Gododdin, written by the sixth-century north-British poet Aneirin.

Latest History Books

The British Empire’s playbook of force, a new study on Mary Seacole, and a new understanding of the Normans: a round up of recently published work.