Hitler addresses the German nation, 30 January 1933.

Two new biographies advance our understanding of the Ultima Thule in evil.

A group of Sioux Indians protests at Alcatraz, 1968 © Getty Images

1964 was the first time Indians were mentioned in a State of the Union address, not as belligerent enemies or a 'problem'.


The Polish volunteer who infiltrated Auschwitz.

Pablo Picasso wearing a bull mask, Vallauris, France, 1949 © Gjon Mili/Time & Life/Getty Images

A time when anyone who was anyone spent weeks at a time on the Riviera.

German soldiers in Paris, 1943 © Getty Images

A personal interpretation of France under two occupations, reissued as a Modern Classic.

 "Wall Street bubbles - Always the same". American financier J. P. Morgan is depicted as a bull, blowing soap bubbles for eager investors, 22 May 1901.

A new book is a paean to American capitalism.

View of Damascus, 17th century © Bridgeman Images

In the Arabian peninsula, non-Muslim groups were converted, driven out or killed by Islamic armies. In Syria, they were not.

Alma Mahler with her husband, Gustav, 1909.

Why do we have a fixation with Alma Mahler?

 Waffen SS recruiting poster circulated in Belgium for a replacement army. The letters SS stab the ‘Judeo-Bolshevik dragon’.

The notion that Jews were responsible for both capitalism and communism was widespread in the early 20th century.

Neville Chamberlain announcing "Peace in our Time" on his arrival at Heston Airport, 30 September 1938.

An admirable retelling of the traditional history of appeasement.