Terracotta kylix (drinking cup) ca. 480 B.C. Flute-playing satyr and maenad (detail), Signed by Hieron. Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Those pushing the burgeoning field of Classical Reception Studies probably hadn’t intended to leave the door ajar for heavy metal.

The goddess Mayahuel, depicted in the Codex Magliabechiano, 16th century © Bridgeman Images.

Everything you thought you knew about the Aztecs is wrong.

A mass rally in Tiananmen Square of Beijing in 1965 against U.S. intervention in Congo-Léopoldville. Wiki Commons.

An outsider’s observations from the moments before China’s Cultural Revolution.

French advertisement for indhaméline hormone (detail), c.1930-40. Bridgeman Images.

A far-reaching account of the significance of menopause in human evolution.

James Buchanan, c.1850. Courtesy Library of Congress, Washington DC.

Getting intimate with America’s only bachelor president.

View of a Bridge Across the Chebula River. Chumay-Olenskaya Road. 1906-1908. Library of Congress.

How educated exiles transformed Irkutsk into ‘the Paris of Siberia’.

General de Gaulle and Churchill in Paris for the French Armistice Day Parade. Wiki Commons.

The interface between politics and war, rather than military strategy and tactics. 

Old Port of Marseille, c.1895 © akg-images.

The allure of the sun-burnished boulevards of Marseille remains intact.

John Eliot (ca. 1604–1690) Preaching to the Indians, Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The religious politics that reshaped 17th-century England and Scotland and propelled many towards transatlantic migration.

Three witches in a graveyard, English, c.1790 © akg-images.

Were humanist free-thinkers the engineers of magic’s decline?