Volume 71 Issue 9 September 2021

Susanna and the Elders

An innocent woman resists two sexual predators, only to face a trial that reveals their guilt. 

Lucy and Lucretius

A puritan translation of an Epicurean masterpiece fell victim to the pieties of its time.

Governing Goliath

In order to tackle the power of ‘Big Tech’, President Biden’s administration draws lessons from America’s ‘Gilded Age’.

Royal Rubble

The phenomenon of statue destruction in historical perspective. 

The Road less Travelled

Female explorers of the 19th century demolished Victorian notions of stay-at home women. But why were they so vehemently anti-feminist? The case of Mary Wollstonecraft may hold the answer. 

The ‘Stans’ Turn 30

Is Kazakhstan 30 or 556 years old? As the five states of Central Asia celebrate three decades of independence, they prefer the glories of the ancient past to the legacy of Soviet rule. 

Whose Authority?

The separation of politics and religion has its roots in discourses over whether or not Pontius Pilate could be held guilty of having ordered ‘the death of God’.