Volume 58 Issue 9 September 2008

Death in the Vienna Woods

Gabriel Ronay revisits the story of a Crown Prince’s suicide pact with his mistress and finds the evidence clearly pointing to murder. 

Cromwell the Dandy

Puritan souls may hide a cavalier approach to clothes, according to Patrick Little as he explores fashion at the court of Oliver Cromwell.

Eden’s Balkan Odyssey

Steve Morewood investigates Anthony Eden’s frenetic diplomatic efforts to forge a Balkan front to save Greece from Nazi Germany and the controversies that resulted from his failed mission.

Live Recording

Asa Briggs, author of the monumental five-volume history of the BBC, talks to David Hendy about his thirty-seven year engagement with the story of British broadcasting.

King Zog I of Albania

Richard Cavendish charts the events leading up to King Zog I's coronation on September 1st, 1928.

An FBI Conman

Alex Goodall looks back at the career of one of the shadiest agents ever hired by the FBI in its history.