Roger Moorhouse

An Odious Story

A narrative history from the peak of Hitler’s powers up to his demise.

Calling Time on Hitler's Hoax

A 90-year-old photograph of the future dictator soon after leaving prison still manages to fool the world’s media outlets.

Death in the Baltic

The Wilhelm Gustloff, once an elegant cruise-liner of Hitler’s Reich, was torpedoed by a Soviet submarine on the night of 30 January 1945.

Hitler's British Lair

In the event of a successful Nazi invasion of Britian, Adolf Hitler proposed rural Shropshire as his headquarters. Roger Moorhouse explores why he would have chosen such a location.

Beevor by the Book

Antony Beevor, author of a new account of the Second World War, talks to Roger Moorhouse about the importance of narrative and why he thinks new technology is not the future for history in a post-literate age.

Russian Historiography: Now You See Them...

Roger Moorhouse revisits a perceptive article by John Erickson on the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union, first published in History Today in 2001, its insights born of a brief period of Russian openness.