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Join us as we explore a fantastic range of historical subjects and eras with those who know it best.

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In this new series, leading historians share insights and stories in conversation with Paul Lay, editor of History Today.

These discussions will be interspersed with long reads: articles specially selected from the magazine for an eclectic, fascinating and informative mix.

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Episode Four: Soviet Super Sniper

How the ‘Guerrilla Queen’ of Soviet Russia became a role model for women in combat.


Episode Three: Sexual Eeling

How the slippery subject of eel reproduction evaded human understanding for millennia. A long read from the March issue.


Episode Two: Before the Mayflower

Paul Lay and Stephen Tomkins discuss the first expedition to North America by the Separatists. They had attempted to become the pilgrim fathers as early as 1597, trying to settle in Newfoundland.Read more in the February issue of History Today.

Episode One: The FGM Scandal that Shocked Victorian London

Our first episode is an audio long read on the female genital mutilation scandal that shocked Victorian London, as featured in the February issue.


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