History Today

The Great Tom Fuller

A great historian and public intellectual, Thomas Fuller championed moderation and responsibility in a time of war, polarisation and misinformation. 

A Haitian Queen in Georgian Britain

Forced into exile following the death of Haiti’s first and only king, Queen Marie-Louise and her daughters sought refuge from the turbulent events that engulfed their homeland. 

Gold Llama

An important beast of burden cast from the sweat of the sun. 

The War in Words

What did British officers think of the American Civil War as it was happening?

Sea Change

Demolishing the myths surrounding Mary Seacole.

All That Is Not Good

Writing in troubled times, Julian of Norwich realised that consolation only has meaning if it takes pain seriously.

No Dinner Party

Bringing together revolution’s most ardent theorists and its fiercest critics.

Scotland Too

Scotland’s profiteering and complicity within the British Empire’s transatlantic slave trade.