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Is it possible for dissidents to bring peaceful change to repressive regimes?

Turning chaotic havens of ‘sloth and debauchery’ into systemised institutions of ‘pain and terror’, Victorian ‘model’ prisons were anything but. 

Norwich prospered in the 16th century, thanks to an influx of immigrants, who arrived fleeing persecution.

How does the reader decide if a history book is worth their time?

Rich enough to appeal to lords and dukes, the success of panettone is down to its festive, egalitarian simplicity.

Diarmaid MacCulloch is one of our greatest living historians and this is one of his finest books. One might have thought that, after A History of...

Changing views of illegitimate children raise both moral and economic issues.

The fall of man and the concept of Original Sin.

Folklore, fairies and demonic spirits in the sceptical 17th century.

James K. Polk’s first State of the Union Address, on 2 December 1845, promoted the concept that the US should encompass all of North America.