History Today

Good as Gold

The absence of formal government on the American frontier emboldened miners to take powers usually reserved to the state, subjecting criminals to their own brand of vigilante justice. 

The Other Elizabeth

Emulating her godmother, Elizabeth I, Elizabeth Stuart captured hearts and minds as Europe burned. 

Mare Nostrum?

A Mediterranean within the Mediterranean? Exploring the Adriatic as a single historical space.

The First Live-Streaming

The théâtrophone premiered in Paris, at the International Exposition of Electricity, on 11 August 1881.

The 51st State?

Puerto Rico’s future might be statehood, independence or more of the status quo, but change is unlikely to be won through voting alone. 

The Baltic Question

Imperial maps of the Baltic provinces continue to shape how Russia views them today. 

Going, going…Goethe?

The question of reconstruction was a thorny issue in postwar Germany, where celebrations of the ‘glorious’ past took on a different hue. 

Bad Dreams

Divining disaster at Aberfan and beyond, in subjects from nocebos to lost cosmonauts.