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History Today

Romney, Met Museum.

Which presidents are depicted on Mount Rushmore? Who apologised for dying? 

Saint George and the Dragon, Luca Signorelli (workshop of), 1495-1505. Rijksmuseum.

In an age when nationalism is on the rise, the role of the historian becomes ever more valuable – and controversial.

Herbert Asquith watches a squadron of aeroplanes returning to RFC Headquarters at Frevillers, 7 August 1916. Imperial War Museum.

In this podcast, Simon Heffer reflects on the year 1916, as conscription was introduced and the Battle of the Somme claimed huge casualties.

‘A Grecian Harvest Home, or Thanksgiving to the Rural Deities, Ceres, Bacchus Sylvanus and Pan’, from The Progress of Human Culture and Knowledge, by James Barry, c.1777-84, Royal Society  of Arts, London © Bridgeman Images.

A scene of ancient Arcadian bliss which hints at the coming of modernity.

Sunil Amrith

My favourite archive? The India Office archives at the British Library.

The Devil in Britain and America, 1896. Wellcome Collection.

Folklore continued to be an active and potent force in 19th century Britain.

Justin Marozzi

What’s the most important lesson history has taught me? That we learn nothing from it.

Richard, acting as Lord Protector, orders the arrest of William Hastings, 1st Baron Hastings. From 'A Chronicle of England: B.C. 55 – A.D. 1485', c. 1864. Wiki Commons.

Our latest podcast looks at the rise and fall of the House of York in 1483.

A Chinese teacher. Painting by a Chinese artist, ca. 1850. Wellcome Collection.

Who – or what – was Martha? What was founded by Octavia Hill in 1895? 

Augustus Closing the Temple  of Janus, by Louis de Silvestre, 1757, Gemäldegalerie, Dresden © akg-images

Rome’s First Citizen brings peace to its territories.