Recording on a phonograph, 1905.

Join us as we explore a fantastic range of historical subjects and eras with those who know it best.

The effigies of Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry II at Fontevraud Abbey. Wiki Commons/ElanorGamgee.

Death, fealty, homage and power in 1199.

The Last Effort and Fall of Tipu Sultan by Henry Singleton, c. 1800.

How did the East India Company become ‘an empire within an empire’?

Saint Benedict delivering his rule to the monks of his order, Monastery of St. Gilles, Nimes, France, 1129. Wiki Commons.

The year 529 had great consequences for Justinian I, the Neoplatonic school in Athens and St Benedict.

Herbert Asquith watches a squadron of aeroplanes returning to RFC Headquarters at Frevillers, 7 August 1916. Imperial War Museum.

In this podcast, Simon Heffer reflects on the year 1916, as conscription was introduced and the Battle of the Somme claimed huge casualties.

The Devil in Britain and America, 1896. Wellcome Collection.

Folklore continued to be an active and potent force in 19th century Britain.

Richard, acting as Lord Protector, orders the arrest of William Hastings, 1st Baron Hastings. From 'A Chronicle of England: B.C. 55 – A.D. 1485', c. 1864. Wiki Commons.

Our latest podcast looks at the rise and fall of the House of York in 1483.

Marie Stopes in her laboratory, 1904.

The First World War allowed women to distinguish themselves in professions previously closed to them.

Lyons Tearoom, Piccadilly.

This podcast looks at how Isidore Salmon, the force behind J Lyons & Co., threatened to withdraw advertising from the Daily Mail and Daily Mirror in 1934.

Siege of Damascus during the Second Crusade, 1148. British Library.

In our latest podcast, Dan Jones discusses the year 1147, when the Second Crusade was launched.