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Soviet soldiers on Vienna’s Ringstrasse, 1945.

At the centre of a war-shattered Europe, Vienna was divided between the victorious Allied powers. Restoring civil society proved a major challenge. 

Radetzky Before Milan, 1848 by Albrecht Adam

Under the command of Josef Radetzky, the Habsburg army held its grip on Italy during a period of revolutionary unrest across Europe. Yet today his achievements are rarely celebrated.

The Austrian attraction was located in an unused train station with artificial snow made from soft drinks.

The opening of the Ringstrasse, illustration published in Leipzig, 1865.

Emperor Franz Joseph officially opened the Ringstrasse on May 1st, 1865. Adrian Mourby looks at its 150 years as a Viennese landmark.

During the War of the Spanish Succession the Austrian commander marched westward from the Alps across Italy to win a remarkable battle.

In November 1918, writes Norman Stone, a whole political and social order in central Europe came to an end.

Was one of Europe's finest hotels occupied by members of the English working class during the interwar years?

Glenda Sluga explains the influence of a remarkable group of women as Europe’s elite gathered in Vienna in 1814.

Beethoven's only opera was performed for the first time on May 23rd, 1814.

In 1917, writes Charles Maechling, the new Emperor of Austria tried to extricate his country from the turmoil of the First World War with the help of Prince Sixtus.