Volume 68 Issue 5 May 2018

A master of the early Renaissance depicts the moment that Christians regard as the confirmation of Jesus’ divinity.

Some of the most intelligent people in early modern Europe were convinced of the existence of merpeople.

The pushcarts of the Lower East Side epitomised New York’s bustling immigrant community. The drive to Americanise brought about their demise and changed the streets forever. 

Turkish archers versus Frankish heavy cavalry. The Crusades marked a period of technological breakthroughs in the art of war that would decide the conflict.

Despite the spiritual rewards of the medieval anchorhold, the desire to break free could be overwhelming. 

There were many obstacles preventing women from becoming artists in the 18th century, but those who overcame them created some of the most influential art of their time. 

The urge to create a Greek nation state goes back millennia. Its success depended on a shared notion of ‘Greekness’ across widespread city states. 

A new law exposes the problematic nature of Holocaust remembrance.

Portrait of Lettice Knollys c.1541-1634) by Sarah Essex, c.1825. Over Christmas 1569, one of the keepers at Bolton Castle – recently abandoned by a...
‘Blowing mutinous Sepoys from the guns’, India, 1858. (Courtesy Ann S. K. Brown Military Collection, Brown University Library) In 1963 the publican...