Filthy Food

Efforts by the German scientist Friedrich Accum brought about widespread awareness of the dangers of food adulteration, paving the way for legislation that protects what we eat today. 

The Great Alpaca Heist

A Victorian wool merchant set out on an audacious, decade-long quest to smuggle alpacas out of Peru. But transporting his flock to Australia was only half the struggle. 

A Century of Fascism

Fascism would plague the 20th century, but when Benito Mussolini seized power in October 1922 few could agree on exactly what it was.

Safe Passage

Protecting merchant ships during the Napoleonic Wars, the British convoy system was instrumental in securing its narrow victory. 

The Man Who Was Briefly King

Arriving in the remote and jungled highlands of Annam, a swindling Frenchman was able to establish himself as the region’s self-appointed ruler. 

The Original Rock Star

200 years on from the deciphering of the most famous piece of rock in the world, what does reading the Rosetta Stone reveal?

Good as Gold

The absence of formal government on the American frontier emboldened miners to take powers usually reserved to the state, subjecting criminals to their own brand of vigilante justice. 

The Other Elizabeth

Emulating her godmother, Elizabeth I, Elizabeth Stuart captured hearts and minds as Europe burned.