‘Found Incapable’

As senility came to be recognised as a distinct diagnosis, methods of protecting patients – from themselves and from others – had to change. 

The Colony That Vanished

Having prospered for more than 400 years, a medieval colony on Greenland vanished without a trace, but its memory lived on.

Queens of the Crusades

As promoters, propagandists, patrons and warriors, women were everywhere during the Crusades. 

Korea the Kingmaker

The Korean peninsula was a chessboard on which the fates of great powers were decided. 

The Other Favourite

Christopher Hatton rose to great power as a favourite of Elizabeth I. Born in obscurity, why has he returned to it?

Good for Nothing

As the 19th century wore on, social reformers campaigned for charitable modernisation. Their target: England’s most useless foundations.

Anarchy in the Waste Land

Following the death of Henry I, England was plunged into a civil war that reduced the country to a charred ruin. With the barons split between rival claimants, the people suffered.