From the Editor

Marshall Myths

Britain received more Marshall aid than Germany, but spent much of it propping up a delusion. 

The Rise of Japan

When it comes to rapid world-changing events, the Meiji Restoration has few equals.

Wolsey’s Own Accord

Projects for a peaceful Europe go back centuries. Occasionally, they succeed – for a while at least.

Lest We Forget

The British public are obsessed with the First World War, but know little about how it was brought to an end.

Noggin the Nog

An enchanting series revealed the strangeness of the past to generations of children.  

The Grapes of Roth

The late, great American novelist performed an important, but little-known, cultural role during the Cold War.  

The Art of War

Literature and the visual arts have long sought to depict the nature of conflict. But what about music?