Death of St Bruno

The founder of the Carthusian Order died on October 6th, 1101.

Saint Bruno of Cologne, by José de RiberaIn 1080 Bruno was offered the archbishopric  of Rheims himself, but his experiences had persuaded him to withdraw from the busy world and become a hermit.  After a spell as a solitary near the Benedictine abbey of Molesme, in 1084 he and six others decided to look for a far more remote retreat. Going to Grenoble to consult the bishop, Hugh de Châteauneuf, who was one of Bruno’s former pupils, they found that the night before they arrived  Hugh had dreamed of seeing seven stars settle in the isolated valley of Chartreuse in the high, bleak mountains of Savoy, some thirty miles away. The seven went there and built a chapel with small wooden huts round it for themselves. This eventually became the famous monastery of La Grande Chartreuse.


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