Edward III

Two recent notable deaths are a reminder of an endangered British species: the non-royal duke and duchess.

There aren’t enough books on Edward III. Decades of neglect have left his achievement obscured by huge clouds of pungent hot air generated by...

Edward III created the Duchy of Cornwall as an estate for the Black Prince; A.L. Rowse describes how it has been held ever since by the sovereign’s heir or lain dormant in the Crown.

The eldest son of Edward III took a decisive part in the battles of the Hundred Years’ War and was regarded as a paragon of chivalry. C.T. Allmand describes how the Black Prince, as he would become known, was his father’s chief lieutenant in Aquitaine, 1355-72.

Richard Barber examines recently unearthed sources to construct a convincing scenario of Edward III’s inspired victory over the French in 1346.

The great English king was born on November 13th, 1312.

Edward III’s 700th anniversary is a suitable moment to celebrate one of England’s greatest monarchs, says Ian Mortimer.

Richard Barber describes the discoveries he made when Channel Four’s Time Team uncovered Edward III’s huge circular building at the heart of Windsor Castle.

Late medieval England, especially under Edward III (1327-77) and Edward IV (1461-83), witnessed the flourishing of myths. The Order of the Garter,...

W. M. Ormrod describes the career of the king whose fifty years on the throne are best remembered for his wars with France and Scotland, and his foundation of the Order of the Garter.