Natural History

The Dodo and the Mughals

Asok Kumar Das describes how Mughal miniatures illuminate the flightless bird from the Indian Ocean, extinct since 1681.

Horsemanship in History

Charles Chenevix Trench finds it ironical that horsed cavalry attained something near perfection just at the point when the military discipline was relegated to history.

The Horse: England's Sacred Beast?

The English aversion to eating horse flesh, recently highlighted in a number of food scandals, dates back to the coming of Christianity, as Jordan Claridge explains.

The Last Dodo

The Oxford Dodo has defined our idea of the creature. When alive, the bird was displayed in London as part of a kind of urban freak show. In death it featured in Alice in Wonderland. Charles Norton reveals what became of the last dodo.

London Zoo: 'Handsome Gifts' to a Young Society

The Zoological Society of London was launched in 1826 to promote scientific research into new species. Roger Rideout describes how it amassed its specimens for its private museum and menagerie, which soon became a public attraction.

Bees for Keeps

The niches created for bees in some of Britain’s castles were an important source of food, lighting and even defence, writes Gene Kritsky.