Established in 1997, the Longman-History Today awards are made jointly by the publishers Longman and History Today magazine to foster a wider understanding of, and enthusiasm for, history. There are two main awards: Book of the Year, awarded for an author's first or second book, and the Historical Picture Researcher of the Year. There is also an undergraduate dissertation prize and the Trustees' Award, which recognises a person or organisation that has made a major contribution to history.


The winner of the Longman-History Today Book Prize was announced at our annual award ceremony.

The shortlist for the annual Longman-History Today Book of the Year Award has been announced.

A groundbreaking project that points the way to the future of the discipline was recognised at our annual celebration of excellence in history.

Kathryn Hadley reveals the shortlist for the Longman - History Today Book of the Year Award. 

Winner of the Trustees Award, Simon Jenkins, with a beefeater

All the news from our annual event

Peter Furtado announces the winners of the 2005 Longman-History Today Awards.

The best history books, films and students of 2003 announced.

Peter Furtado announces the winners of the Longman-History Today Awards 2003.

Medieval ideas about population and the family; working-class reading; reconstruction drawings of medieval sites; aerial photographs of Iron Age remains; Egyptian hieroglyph tutors; rehabilitation of the reputation of a 14th-century lady; film of Iwo Jima. Work of many different kinds, on this very diverse list of subjects, is celebrated in the annual History Today awards.

The winners of the prizes in the Longman History-Today awards 1999 are announced.