Volume 73 Issue 4 April 2023

Cleansing the Causeway

The soldiers of Archibald Douglas, Earl of Angus, fought the men of James Hamilton, Earl of Arran, in Edinburgh on 30 April 1520.

Lost Movies

Almost three quarters of the golden age of Hollywood has been lost. Preservation only began when film came to be seen as art.

The Death of Stalin’s Son

The death of Joseph Stalin’s son Yakov Dzhugashvili in a German concentration camp 80 years ago was kept a secret for decades.

Don’t Look Up

Hawai‘i’s Mauna Kea is among the best places in the world to study the universe, but the construction of a new super telescope is about more than astronomy.

Reflecting on the Past

A valedictory column provides a chance to reflect on a decade grappling with what history is and how it should be written.

Broad Church

Soaring and swooping through a history of Catholicism, from 1789 to the present day.