Volume 72 Issue 8 August 2022

Bad Dreams

Divining disaster at Aberfan and beyond, in subjects from nocebos to lost cosmonauts.

Explicit Content

Rude words are a constant, but their ability to cause offence is in flux. Historians should know their flim-flam from their fiddle-faddle

The USSR in Afghanistan

The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and its effect on the international politics of the late Cold War era.


The mother goddess brings death and destruction – to those who deserve it. 

We are Family

From alliances, to open warfare; from tense meetings on bridges, to collective mourning at family funerals: French and English royalty were united by marriage and divided by war.

Turkey and Europe’s Difficult History

Once described as a ‘slow-motion car crash’, relations between Turkey – or Türkiye – and the rest of Europe have often been defined by suspicion and mistrust. Do historical grievances define the country’s relationship with Europe?

Pirate Voyage

When Blackshirts took over an Italian ship and headed for Cardiff, trade unions held a boycott in what was the first British protest against fascism.

The Hogen Mogen Princess

Dismissed as ‘high and mighty’ and accused of pushing Charles I towards civil war, Henrietta Maria was a deft military mover – perhaps more so than the king himself.