Volume 72 Issue 6 June 2022

A Woman Runs for President

Victoria Claflin Woodhull was ratified as the Equal Rights Party’s candidate for the presidency on 6 June 1872.

Goodbye to the Vikings

The term ‘Viking’ as it is commonly used is misleading, warping our perception of the Middle Ages. It should be retired.

Burn in Hell

In 1022 heretics were discovered in northern France and burned to death for their crimes. But what caused this outbreak of radical thought?

Dire Straits

The duplicitous, disloyal, callous and cruel Ferdinand Magellan.

Matters of Importance

There are several obstacles between Tudor women and their biographers. Bypassing them is a slow but necessary process. 

The Underground Library

As the Nazis enclosed Warsaw’s Jewish quarter in a ghetto, a librarian set up a secret children’s library. 

The Other 300

The undeniable power of the Gododdin, written by the sixth-century north-British poet Aneirin.