Volume 72 Issue 6 June 2022

The Phoenix

A symbol of rebirth and redemption, the phoenix itself has been born and reborn – from ancient Egypt to New York. 

On the Spot: Caroline Elkins

We ask 20 questions of leading historians on why their research matters, one book everyone should read and their views on historical drama …

Latest History Books

Magellan, schizophrenia, conspiracies and Europe’s indigenous Muslims: a roundup of some of the latest history books.

The Falklands under Fire

In 1982 Britain’s armed forces were focused on the possibility of confrontation with the Soviet Union. They were unprepared for war in the South Atlantic, against an opponent with weapons supplied by NATO allies. 

Naming It

The role of patients and professionals in the definition and treatment of schizophrenia.

Broad Church

A new and ambitious foray into the world of Anglican ecclesiastical history.